From Craigslist Ad Maker to A-list Star Dater: The Tale of One Lucky Intern

June 28, 2012 1:00 am

POP QUIZ TIME! What do you get when you add a Craigslist post, sorority formal, and Ryan Seacrest all together? …A date with Derek Hough and an internship.

You’re probably WTF-ing pretty hard over the above equation right now if you’re as arithmetically challenged as I am. Fear not, my fellow hopeless mathematicians, I’ll back up and explain the calculation from the beginning.

Four months ago, all I had was a broken heart and no date to my sorority formal at USC. Like every normal 20-year-old girl, I took the issue to Craigslist to solve my problem. However, after posting a carefully crafted checklist for a male model to attend my formal as good-natured revenge, my problems only doubled. My Craigslist account got hacked and I couldn’t respond to any of the potential suitors and was STILL dumped and dateless a mere three days before my dance.

Cue Ryan Seacrest: The man. The myth. The legend. Stunts Houdini pulled are feeble in comparison to the real life magic Seacrest, my Fairy Godfather, performed before my eyes. Faster than you can say “bippity boppity boop,” he snapped his fingers, made some calls, and found the perfect Prince Charming to accompany me to my ball.

Enter Derek Hough: The three-time champion of Dancing With The Stars and the answer to my prayers. I left in the middle of a midterm exam to answer the call from KIIS FM saying that Ryan Seacrest and Derek Hough were on the line and about to make my dreams come true. For obvious reasons, I refrain from discussing the results of that exam publicly…

A tainted report card is an insignificant factor in this fairytale compared to the lifelong memory and unforgettable experience it provided. Not only did Derek Hough attend my formal, but Tristan MacManus from DWTS, Jason Kennedy the E! News host, and an E! camera crew came along also. After the perfect date night ended and aired as an E! segment, I had to pinch myself daily for about a week and a half to bring me back to reality. To think, where would I be if I had only listened to my roommate who swore that if I posted a Craigslist ad a psychopath would murder me?

I’ll tell you one thing, I most certainly would not be sitting at my desk as an intern for Ryan Seacrest Productions typing my testimony to you this very moment.

This brings me to the final piece of the equation: the internship. God bless Sadao Turner, my current supervisor for seeing through the joke of my Craigslist ad and into the creative, well-thought out writing that actually existed behind it. After the date with Derek Hough, he set up a meeting with me to see if I would be interested in contributing to as an original content lifestyle writer. Telling you my answer would be pointless. In the interview, he proceeded to ask what my dream job would be, to which I responded, “It’s a cross between Giuliana Rancic and Carrie Bradshaw.” To my amazement his reaction was, “Great, let’s try both.”

Within one week, I was thrown onto the Red Carpet to interview the new cast of Dancing With The Stars (conveniently reuniting with the new love of my life, Derek Hough) and published my first article on “From Sweaty to Suave: 10 Men Every Woman is Bound To Meet on the Dance Floor.

I was living the dream. Still am, in fact. Every day at RSP provides a great memory and new experience to take with me wherever I go. I can’t thank the executives, my co-workers, the radio crew, and of course, Ryan, for taking a chance on that crazy chick from Craigslist and presenting me with the invaluable opportunity to intern for one of the most honorable entertainment companies in the world. I am humbled every single day by the people around me and the outstanding work they produce.

This is not an internship where getting coffee and making faxes are the most challenging tasks of the day. Nor is this an internship for people who just want to be “average.” This is the once in a lifetime shot to prove yourself as an entertainment journalist and reporter for a company and a name only a select lucky few get the chance to associate their name with.

If you take anything away from my testimony, let it be how incredibly lucky you are if selected to intern for RSP. Current interns have been retweeted by their favorite celebrities, have received shout-outs on KIIS FM, have broken news online, and have personally interviewed Cody Simpson, Ryan Beatty, Cimorelli, Kylie, and Kendall Jenner. As for me, you all know the tale by this point. If going on a date with a smokin’ celeb and getting my dream Giuliana Bradshaw lifestyle isn’t lucky, I don’t know what is. I never even thought it was possible, so just think—what are you going to be lucky enough to do? You’ll never know if you don’t APPLY!



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