From One Direction to Katy Perry — Epic Pop Mash Up Has All Our Favorites! [AUDIO]

June 28, 2012 12:50 am

What if you could listen to all your favorite pop songs in a matter of 3 minutes? One YouTube user has answered our prayers with an amazing mash up of the hottest tracks from your summer playlist. From Carly Rae Jepsen to Rihanna, this song has your fill of catchy tunes all under the same dance club beat.

Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Usher, Katy Perry & More on DJ Earworms Newest Mix 

Mashups have been around for quite some time, but a few notable mashups include the epic ones from “Glee” and of course, DJ Earworm‘s annual “United States of Pop.” While this YouTuber is not as well known, we sure are digging this mix! Turn up your speakers and check it out below!

Via YouTube User vissagan


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