Muse Releases Official Song for London’s Olympic Games [AUDIO]

June 28, 2012 8:12 am

U.K. band Muse announced this week their latest single, “Survival,” will be the official song of the Summer Olympic Games. The track will be played throughout the games including when athletes enter the stadium or attend their medal ceremonies. “Survival” will also be heard around the world during international television coverage.

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On the band’s website, Muse explains the inspiration that led up to the song. “It’s about total conviction and pure determination to win,” the band says. With lyrics such as, “Race, it’s a race / And I’m gonna win, Yes I am gonna win / And I will light the fuse / And I’ll never lose,” we can already picture the song playing before that important race. The track is available to download on iTunes today.

In a new interview, Muse discussed the process of creating the single. Beginning a year in advance, lead singer Matt Bellamy attempted to “get in the zone” with what athletes think and focus on right before their race begins.

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As musicians, the group compares their experiences of performing on stage to competing in an Olympic race. “It’s all about doing your best,” Matt said. The band agrees “Survival” is all about the fight and process to win big!


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