The All-American Rejects Get Animated in ‘Walk Over Me’ [VIDEO]

June 28, 2012 10:31 am

The All-American Rejects get artsy in their latest video “Walk Over Me.” The latest single from the Rejects hails from their Kids in the Street album, which was released in late March.

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Lead singer Tyson Ritter sings a fiery tune about the sad state that he is left in after a woman “walks all over him.”  The track stays true to The All-American Rejects’ classic pop-rock sound, instantly recognizable as another hit from the “Gives You Hell” singers. The video utilizes cartoon-like illustrations that illustrate the song, giving it a fun, graphic novel feel.

The All-American Rejects Return With ‘Kids In The Streets’ [VIDEO]

Ritter told Rolling Stone, “This video is 5,312 pictures that Jon Danovic the director, myself, our friends, and some sweet people we found on animated together to marry a song about losing your mind. It took four mind-numbing weeks, piles of cigarettes, loads of beer and a spiritual adviser to complete.”

Watch the band rock out with an artistic twist!


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