Olympians Go Shirtless for Glamour Magazine [PHOTO]

July 1, 2012 12:01 am

The article is down here, ladies.

It’s okay, take your time getting lost in the endless perfection (can you say eight-packs??) of Olympic hotties Cullen Jones, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Lochte, and Brendan Hansen–the article will still be here once you scrape your jaws off of the floor.

Olympian Ryan Lochte’s Got Swag: The Grillz, The Shoes, The Crazy Workouts.

We can’t thank Glamour Magazine enough for this frame worthy snapshot of our favorite swimming boys perfectly positioned as they emerge from the pool in teeny, tiny speedos.

See How The Olympic Torch Has Evolved Over Time [PHOTOS]

Whether or not the boys make the podium in London, we hereby award them the gold medal for the most beautiful, breathtaking bods around.

Jones, Lochte, Hansen, and Adrian make a splash in Glamour Magazine


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