Cimorelli Fans Wish Amy A Happy 17th Birthday [VIDEO]

July 2, 2012 1:56 pm

The  Cimorelli family just celebrated a big day! The fourth eldest sister, Amy Cimorelli, turned 17-years-old this past weekend.

Cimorelli Takes a New Direction On ‘One Thing’ [VIDEO]

Bright eyes and curly dark hair, the alto singer of YouTube sensation Cimorelli, has admitted that she “can’t do anything quietly.” Well, Amy’s viral fans are just as loud about their love for her! Cimorelli’s fan base spreads all across the continent, including some sweet U.S. troops who sing to her all the way from Afghanistan.

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Cute troops in Afghanistan show off their vocal talent to impress the “Bieber-Off” champions Cimorelli… wishes you a Happy Birthday Amy! We hope it was filled with tons of cake, ice-cream, and an R-rated movie!




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