Why Did Katie Holmes File for Divorce from Tom Cruise? [AUDIO]

July 3, 2012 12:31 am

The divorce drama between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is heating up, according to E!‘s Chief News Correspondent Ken Baker.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce After Five Years Together [VIDEO]

Reports have been surfacing everywhere from the Huffington Post to CBS News that Holmes is on the run from the Church of Scientology because a group of “sinister” men from the church have been stalking her and Suri Cruise outside of their home.

According to E! News, these allegations have been denied by the church whose attorney Gary Sote sent out a statement saying, “There is no truth whatsoever to the TMZ.com report (or any other report) that the Church of Scientology has sent anyone to follow or surveil Katie Holmes.”

Why Did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Call It Quits? [AUDIO]

However, Baker reports that Holmes’ fear of the church may have played a role in why she filed for divorce in New York instead of California. “It turns out that Katie became worried about Tom’s involvement in the Church of Scientology, reportedly fearing that her daughter might be taken away from her,” said Baker, “so Katie filed for divorce in New York rather than California because I’m told she’s more likely to get full custody in New York.”


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