It’s a Party! Olympians Live Dorm Style in Olympic Village [PHOTOS]

July 5, 2012 1:10 am

Every girl’s college dream is living on the same floor as the baseball players, football players, soccer players, etc–those hot athletes that you daydream about all day long but never actually speak to. So when U.S. cyclist, Taylor Phinney, dished some details about the 2008 Beijing Olympics athletic housing, all we could think was- Best. Dorms. Ever.

A sample living space in the London 2012 Olympic Village. Photo/ Getty Images

Imagine a world where the U.S. gymnastics team lives upstairs, the cycling team one floor below, and those swimming studs somewhere down the hall. A whole building swarming with the most talented athletes in the world, all coexisting under one very large roof.

An apartment block that will house the athletes in the London Olympic Village. Photo/ Getty Images

Taylor Phinney revealed to USA TODAY that it was “like boarding school with all these cute girls, except this was the Olympics.”  The cute girl that caught his eye was none other than gymnastics sweetheart, Shawn Johnson. A romance bloomed which he described as “like summer camp.”  The two kept in touch and are still good friends.

Phinney and Johnson had a brief romance at the 2008 Olympics. Photo via Getty.

As dreamy as it sounds, the London 2012 Olympic Village certainly emphasizes simple living. The athletic housing resembles typical college dorm rooms with minimalist furniture and brightly colored accents.

A bathroom in the Londom 2012 Olympic Village athlete housing. Photo/ Getty Images


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