Ali Brustofski Rocks Cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ [VIDEO]

July 6, 2012 12:20 am

Another summer romance is in serious trouble! YouTube star Ali Brustofski is bringing her own version of Katy Perry’sWide Awake” to the web and it appears love is once again not in the cards.

Katy Perry Gets Revenge on Prince Charming in ‘Wide Awake’ [VIDEO]

Similar to Katy’s own music video where she gets revenge on a deceitful prince charming, Ali begins her cover with a guy who appears to be nothing but a gentleman. Later on; however, the boyfriend becomes rude and less romantic with Ali. As a result, she is given a wake up call that leaves her with a broken heart and no guy.

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On the bright side, Ali continues her impressive covers of major Top 40 artists. Her YouTube channel features renditions of songs from Taylor Swift, Justin BieberKarmin, David Guetta and of course, Katy Perry. Here’s what Ali had to say about her latest cover and other YouTube stars.

On Her Love For Katy Perry:
“I absolutely LOVE Katy, she’s by far my favorite artist and a real inspiration to me. She’s so sure of who she is and isn’t afraid to be “weird,” which is cool.”

On Her Admiration For Other YouTube Stars:
“Three of my favorites are my YouTube friends Todrick Hall, Megan and Liz, and Madilyn Bailey. I would love to collaborate with [them]. They’re all so nice and talented.”

On Which YouTube’s Star She Would Like To Emulate:
“I would want to emulate Christina Grimmie, Megan Nicole, and Tiffany Alvord because they’ve been able to tour the world because of their YouTube success, which is one of my biggest goals.”

On The Winner’s Of “Bieber Off,” Cimorelli Band:
“I love Cimorelli! They’ve always been so sweet to me and are extremely talented. Their harmonies are AMAZING!”


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