Michael Phelps’ Sister Will Out-Cheer You Any Day [VIDEO]

July 6, 2012 1:10 am

When Michael Phelps beat Ryan Lochte in the 200m freestyle at the Olympic Trials, he wasn’t the only one excited.

The Phelps’ family went nuts when in a very close finish, Michael beat Ryan Lochte with a difference of only five one-hundredths of a second to seal his first Olympic trial victory over his rival.  Michael’s sister, Hillary Phelps (green pants), and mother, Debbie Phelps (left of Hillary), must be a little hoarse after all of that cheering!

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Lochte made a strong statement when he beat Phelps in multiple races earlier in the week, but Phelps’ winning swim gave him a boost of confidence.  “I’m glad I got one back, we’re gonna have a lot more of those,” he said of his victory over Lochte.

MIchael Phelps Sister Gif

Phelps kept to his word and went on to beat Lochte in three out of four finals, proving to the world that he is not retired just yet (Phelps has said that this will be his last Olympics.)

Phelps qualified to win eight gold medals in London, but decided he will only swim in seven events.  Already the holder of the most Olympic gold medals, 14, Phelps only needs two more Olympic medals in addition to his 16 total to become the most medaled Olympian of all time. He is second only to Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina, who holds 18 total medals.

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Hopefully the Phelps family gets lots of rest before London. At the rate they’re cheering and with Michael’s swimming, the entire family is going to be exhausted!

Via NBCOlympics, The Inquisitr


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