Ryan Seacrest Pranks ‘Wildly Talented’ Television Star Joel McHale [VIDEO]

July 6, 2012 3:48 pm

After years of bickering, Ryan Seacrest has finally called out Joel McHale.

Ryan dropped 100 Ford Fusion cars on Joel’s front lawn, daring the self-proclaimed “wildly talented” television star to do…what? Watch the video below to see the hijinx unfold.

If you’re wondering what Joel’s plan is for all those Ford Fusions—and if Ryan really does have magic powers—your guess is as good as ours. The story can only continue if you get involved at Ford’s Random Acts of Fusion.

A plan has been set into motion—one hatched by Joel, organized by Ryan and designed for Ford fans like you. Fans who got this video to one thousand “Likes” on the Ford Fusion + Hybrid Facebook page started a process that will grant access to a new 2013 Ford Fusion experience before anyone else — other than the delivery guy that is.

2,500 people have already responded to Ryan’s first call to action and received a box as part of their quest for answers. Did you miss that video too? Check it out below.

So, where do you go from here? On the Ford Fusion Facebook page you will be able to see what those 2,500 people did with the surprise inside their boxes.

Follow along with the story as we all try to figure out the next step in Ford’s Random Acts of Fusion.  For now we can only theorize, but it won’t be long until the next piece of the puzzle is unveiled. Stay tuned!


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