Why Are Joel McHale & Ryan Seacrest Working Together? [VIDEOS]

July 9, 2012 2:28 pm

Are you still wondering how those 100 Ford Fusions found their way onto Joel McHale‘s front lawn? Well ponder no more; your answer has finally arrived.

Now let’s be clear. It has nothing to do with Ryan having magic powers, there are no Ford elves, and this isn’t an elaborate scheme in collaboration with the DMV.

Actually, the whole thing was Joel’s idea and Ryan—being the nice guy that he is—just wanted to help him get what he asked for. Watch how everything went down here:

So an offer was made, and how could Ryan refuse? 100 all-new 2013 Ford Fusions were left on Joel’s front lawn just like he wanted and…wait…did you miss that part?

Still don’t have a clue what this is all about? Why, it’s Ford’s Random Acts of Fusion of course. A plan has been set into motion—one hatched by Joel and centered around Ryan’s new co-star. Haven’t you met her yet?

To thank the fans who shared and liked that video, Ryan had a special surprise: a box with the key to unlocking the next part of the story. And so the game continues…

We still don’t know what Joel is going to do with all those Fusions and you still don’t know if one of them is meant for you. But the answers to all these questions are coming soon if you follow along.

Ryan Seacrest Pranks ‘Wildly Talented’ Television Star Joel McHale [VIDEO]

Make sure to keep checking the Ford Fusion + Hybrid Facebook page for updates and we’ll keep you posted as well. Good luck, McHale!


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