Jack Osbourne Talks About His ‘Funny Disease’ [AUDIO]

July 10, 2012 8:17 am

Jack Osbourne called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to discuss Multiple Sclerosis, what the response has been since making the announcement of his diagnosis, and on a lighter note he chats about his new show “Haunted Highway.”

On Multiple Sclerosis:
“MS is a really kind of funny disease because it affects everyone differently who has it. Some people can’t walk, some people can’t see. The symptoms are so all over the place and so for me right now, I lost a bit of vision in my eye and I started getting some shooting pains, but other than that I feel kind of normal,” he says. Was he alarmed when he first started getting symptoms? “No, I just thought like I’ve got an eye infection or initially I thought it was a migraine, and then as time went on I was like uhh…this isn’t going away.”

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How Have People Responded To The MS Diagnosis?
Jack was diagnosed with MS just 2 months ago. “The response has just been nothing but amazing at this point. Everyone’s just coming out and just being really supportive and loving and kind about the whole thing, so you know, that I’m obviously blown away by.”

Can You Prevent MS?
“It’s a lifestyle change is the best thing you can do to kind of combat it. You know, making sure you’re on a diet that agrees with your body, ultimately at its core MS is inflammation. The cause of it is inflammation of your nodes, and so you’ve got to have diets that, you know the food you’re eating is very low inflammatory foods, and like a lot of omega fatty acids, things like that. You need a lot of sleep, you need to minimize stress and work out, so I mean, from what I think it’s just the best recipe to live by anyway.”

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On ‘Haunted Highway':
“The show is a paranormal investigation show where myself and my investigation partner Dana, as well as Devin and Jael who are from “Fact or Faked” on Syfy, we set off on different missions to go investigate paranormal cases and it’s more or less just us with cameras,” Jack explains. “We don’t have any crew, we have very minimal support back home. It’s got a ‘Blair-Witchy‘ feel to it with your typical ghost hunter kind of backbone. So, it’s pretty fun.”

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He continues, “You know we got some pretty weird stuff on camera. I mean, I don’t want to turn around and say like ‘yeah, you know we got the Chupacabra, we got Big Foot.’ It’s really weird because it’s stuff that we’ve tried to explain as to what it is and we can’t. It’s just plain weird.”

You can see Jack in action on “Haunted Highway” Tuesday nights at 10/9c on Syfy.


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