Josh Duhamel Calls In To ‘OAWRS’ A Day Early! [AUDIO]

July 10, 2012 10:49 am

We always hope celebrities are excited to talk to Ryan. It clearly was the case for Josh Duhamel who called in Tuesday morning—a day before he was scheduled.

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After realizing he called in a bit too soon, the actor and husband to Fergie still wanted to chat with Ryan and give listeners a “trailer” for their full interview scheduled for Wednesday. “Maybe I’m just a little ambitious,” Josh said. “Figured I’d call a little early.”

On His Current Movie:
Josh is currently filming “Safe Haven,” based off Nicholas Sparks best-seller, in Cosmo Beach. Julianne Hough also stars in the movie and falls in love with Josh’s character. “This might be a little awkward,” Josh joked to Ryan who is dating Julianne in real life. Luckily, the two haven’t begun filming the love scenes together.

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On The Olympics:
Josh was interested in Ryan’s plans for the Olympics. After hearing Ryan will be leaving the week of the opening ceremonies, Josh suggested an event he could compete in. “You are competing in the 4 by 1,” Josh told Ryan. After a few laughs, Ryan clarified, “It’s a relay.”

Tune in to “On-Air With Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday morning for the scheduled interview when listeners might hear about Josh and Fergie’s night out with Julianne.

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