OneLoveCandyman’s Wildest Moonwalk Ever! [VIDEO]

July 10, 2012 12:51 am

We doubt Michael Jackson ever envisioned his moonwalk like this!

The YouTube community is full of self promotion, and sometimes even giving fellow Tubers a helping hand. Street performer Eric Nash, known as OneLoveCandyman, is a newcomer to viral fame thanks to YouTube master Ray William Johnson.

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Ray William Johnson has over 5.5 million subscribers with almost 2 billion video views overall. In his featured “Sellout” video, he showed off some of his favorite stunt videos and highlighted OneLoveCandyman’s latest crowd pleaser, a “super moon walk” performance on the streets of Santa Monica.

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Creating a buzz about the dancer who nailed 10 one-legged backflips, Eric’s audience has grown to over 2.3 million views! Check out the modern day twist on Michael Jackson’s signature dance move below.


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