Bella Thorne & Zendaya Dish On Miley Cyrus’ Engagement [AUDIO]

July 11, 2012 9:00 am

Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman, who play best friends CeCe and Rocky on Disney’s “Shake it Up” dropped by “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday to chat about the show, whether or not they have been approached to do “Dancing with the Stars,” and tell us what they think of Miley Cyrus getting married!

Is Miley Cyrus Too Young To Get Married?
“To be honest, I wouldn’t judge, because it’s her choice,” Zendaya says. “If she really loves him, then why not? So what you’re a little bit younger. They’re really cute. They’ve been together for a while…they met when she was like 16. If she really has feelings for him that are that strong, then why not?” Bella added, “They look super cute together, they look adorable.”

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On “Dancing with the Stars”:
“Shake it Up” co-star Roshon Fegan appeared on season 14 of “DWTS” So, have Bella or Zendaya been asked to show off their moves on the dance competition show? “Not yet, actually. But I was really proud of Roshon, he did really great. He’s like my big brother, so I was proud,” Zendaya gushes.

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On Working Together:
“When we walked into the audition I didn’t really know her [Bella], I didn’t really talk to her in the audition. Then when we walked in and did our work together it was incredible. It was like that instant chemistry,” Zendaya tells us.

On The Popularity of “Shake it Up”:
“Like Zendaya always says, this is her signature thing to say, ‘Dance is a universal language.’ It just requires friendship, and every girl has a best friend,” Bella says. “Our characters Rocky and Cece they’re not perfect…they’re not like, ‘Oh yay, let’s go do this!’ My character is the one that always gets them into trouble and she always has to get us out. So, we have some rough edges here and there, but we work it out.”

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What’s Next For Bella & Zendaya?
“We’re about to start up the new season of ‘Shake It Up,’ which is very exciting,” Zendaya tells us. “I can’t believe we are already on season 3, that just weirds me out. I feel like it’s season 1. Lots of music and we’re working on doing a tour.”

A new episode of “Shake It Up” airs this Sunday at 8:30pm on the Disney Channel and don’t miss the special 90-minute season finale “Shake it Up: Made in Japan” August 1st. Check out the sneak peek below!


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