Producer Nelson Wants You To Break The Dress Code At Work [PHOTOS]

July 11, 2012 8:15 am

“Can I wear this to work?” Rule number one: Don’t ask Producer Nelson.

Man Writes the Brutally Honest Out-Of-Office Email That You’ve Always Wanted To

We’ve all been in a situation where the only certain items in your closet are “inappropriate” clothes. To avoid making a major fashion faux paux in the office—and in front of the boss—here are some tips for making that outfit you love work…for work. As well as Nelson’s two cents on why to break the rules.

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Tank Top: This one is simple. If you’re not allowed to show skin, then cover up. A cute blazer or sweater will remedy the situation and keep you from getting sent home.

However Nelson believes depending on the work place…you may get away with it.

Shorts: If you’re wearing short shorts to work then there’s a problem. Either the air conditioner really needs to be fixed or you’re showing off for someone other than your boss—and that has fired written all over it. Depending on where you work, Bermuda shorts can save the day. Yes, they are still shorts, but they’re closer to your knee, so you have more of a chance to comply with the dress code.

However Nelson thinks if you have swimmer legs, like he claims, then DEFINITELY rock it.

Leggings: Most people would agree that sweatpants are too casual for the office, but too many times they use leggings as a substitute for comfort. Leggings may be comfy, but they can cause some serious camel toe—and let’s be honest, when is that ever ok? If you’re looking for something snug or skinny than try a thin jean, like these chic skinny pants from The Gap.Nelson agrees with this…UNLESS your in LMFAO.

Party Dress: Yes it’s a dress, but is it classy? Probably not. Your sparkly mini may be fine for a night on the town, but a day in the office? We don’t think so. Turning this club outfit into an appropriate piece for the daytime is as simple as turning your dress into a makeshift top. Put the mini on and pair it will some dress pants or legging substitutes (pictured above) and a cardigan. Trust us, no one will be the wiser.

Nelson doesn’t care about dresses. Make up your own mind.

Sandals: Everyone loves their sandals, especially in the summer, but open-toe shoes can be more dangerous than you think. Why is it that HR doesn’t want you to wear your flip-flops to work? It’s a liability. Seriously. If something were to fall on your foot, there is a possibility you could break a toe—or three—so apart from taping your shoes, buy some really cute close-toe pumps. Shopping! You’ll feel better already.

However Nelson says playing by the rules is boring. So break ‘em.


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