The 10 Most Outrageous Reality TV Stars on Twitter [PHOTO]

July 16, 2012 12:20 am

Tweet Tweet! It appears that every celebrity is connecting with fans on Twitter, or maybe just hawking their latest project and products. For some reality stars, however, the social media site helps fans become closer to their favorite celebrity and get a sense of the star’s real life.

Whether it’s “Jersey Shore” star Snooki venting about her #pregnancyproblems, Bethenny Frankel sharing more SkinnyGirl Margarita recipes, or Kathy Griffin poking fun at the boss Ryan Seacrest, we’ve compiled a list of female reality stars that must be a part of your Twitter news feed and always keep it real. Your tweets will never be the same.

10. Heidi Montag

As MTV goes retro this summer with reruns of “The Hills,” what better cast member to follow than Heidi Montag? Love her or hate her, her tweets are random, meant to be inspiring (we think), and even remind fans of her musical career. Who can forget “Body Language?”

9. Jessica Simpson

Want to know more about “Fashion Star” mentor Jessica Simpson’s extending family? Count on the star’s Twitter feed for adorable family photos including baby pixs of Maxwell.

8. Big Ang

Mob Wives” breakout star Big Ang, known for her signature voice and lifestyle in Staten Island, keeps fans laughing on Twitter. If only we could all spend a night out with Big Ang.

7. Kate Gosselin

Remember when the Gosselins were one big happy family? You can with Kate’s tweets that update loyal fans on all 8 kids. From family dinners to school work, Kate’s life plus 8 is still very interesting.

6. Sharon Osbourne

The Talk” co-host and “America’s Got Talent” judge might not tweet every day; however, when she does, expect behind-the-scenes scoop on the summer’s number one show with a touch of snark.

5. Bethenny Frankel

SkinnyGirl and talk show host Bethenny Frankel shares with fans everything from recipes to play dates with baby Bryn. Besides, how can you not follow the self-proclaimed queen of too much information?

4. Khloe Kardashian Odom

Kim Kardashian may lead the count for Twitter followers in the Kardashian family. However, Khloe Kardashian’s tweets to fans, her husband, and sisters entertain us and remind us why we love this family so much.

3. Joan Rivers

Fashion Police” host and comedian Joan Rivers will never shy away from a pop culture reference in her jokes. From Whitney Houston to Anderson Cooper, you can count on Joan to add a little slice of sass to your feed.

2. Snooki

America’s most memorable “Jersey Shore” guidette has a lot to share, especially during her pregnancy. Between memorable pictures of  her fake eyelashes to parading around in her slippers, any fan can follow Snooki’s unusual pregnancy.

1. Kathy Griffin

Warning: Kathy Griffin’s comedy acts are not for the easily offended. On her Twitter page, however, the comedian is surprising less controversial as followers can see her chat with BFF Cher or poke fun at her wine-loving mom. A must follow for pop culture fans.


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