Cimorelli Perform New Single ‘Wings’ & Talk About Upcoming Teen Choice Awards [VIDEO]

July 17, 2012 3:01 pm

Ranging in age from 12 to 21-years old the six sisters of Cimorelli: Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani hit the stage to screaming fans at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

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“Are you guys all ready to dance,” they asked the crowd before opening up with their hit “Million Bucks,” a song written by 21-year-old Christina about her boyfriend. The girls kept the energy in the room high prior to Ryan Beatty‘s performance. Were you in attendance? Check out our fan gallery below to see your picture.

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During the show Cimorelli returned to their acapella roots with four different cover songs in their set including Jason Derulo‘s “Dynamite,” Demi Lovato‘s “Skyscraper,” Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” and Rihanna‘s “We Found Love.” The group made sure to interact with their fans throughout the show.

During “Dynamite,” Christina encouraged the ladies in the audience to dance along. “That’s how you’ll catch [Ryan's] eye,” she said. And during “Skyscraper” she told the crowd, “This is for all you guys going through a hard time. You’re all beautiful and important.”

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One very special track came in the middle of the set, an original new song called “Wings.” Cimorelli dedicated it to “That one person who believes in you even when you really don’t believe in yourself” and encouraged the audience to sing the chorus with them: “When we fly we fly together.”

The biggest surprise of the night however, came at toward the end of Ryan’s show when the girls returned to the stage to perform none other than One Directions “Beautiful.” And we have to admit—even Team Seacrest was dancing along.

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One of our favorite moments of the evening was getting a chance to step backstage and ask the Cimorelli sisters some questions. Check out what they had to say about the Teen Choice Awards, their personal style and their upcoming album!

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What Sort of Influence Do The Fans Have On Your Performance?
“It is the number one thing of our performance. Our fans, just seeing all of them smiling, makes us all so happy and they’re all just so cute I want to hug all of them. From our videos they get to see us and watch us and what not, but being here is so different from that. We really want to take the time to connect with them, reach out, smile, and interact a lot. They all mean a lot to us.”

What Can You Tell Us About Your Upcoming Album?
“I think we’re almost done with our album. We’ve been working on it for about two years now. We’ve been in the studio so much and we’ve been working with a lot of cool producers who’ve worked with people like Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, like lots of people. And we’ve been writing a lot of the songs too, so we’re really excited for people to hear stuff that we’ve written and hear some of our stories. You can expect a lot of harmonies, upbeat, positive messages and like real stuff that we’ve gone through.”

Do You Have Your Outfits Planned Yet For The Teen Choice Awards?
“We were just looking at pictures of stuff today and we don’t have everything planned, but we’re getting a lot of ideas.”

Do You Ever Dress Alike?
“Lately we’ve been doing like we each pick a different color and that’s working out really well. And then sometimes we’ll all dress with like pieces of the same color in our outfits, like a blue and purple theme or a black and silver theme or something. We try to coordinate in some way, but not dress exactly the same. We like to make it look like we’re a group, but we’re all so different.”

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Is There Anyone You’re Excited To Meet At The Awards?
“Omigosh, we want to meet One Direction!! Justin Bieber. Miley Cyrus. Katy Perry. Pretty much everyone.”

If You Guys Did Win The Teen Choice Award, Who’s Bedroom Is It Going In?
“Oh! Well we share two bedrooms, but it would probably be in our music room where we do all of our practices and stuff and we have a bunch of fan art that people have sent us in the mail and different awards in there, so it would probably go in there.”

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Is There Any Competition Between You Guys And Ryan In Terms Of Who Will Win?
“I think it’s such a huge honor to even be nominated, like if we won that would be the coolest thing ever and then if he won like we would be so happy for him. I think either way we’d be happy. We’re not really the friendly competition type, we’re just kind of the friendly type.”

Cimorelli fans couldn’t wait for the concert and were super pumped outside of the Roxy! Check out the video below for their reactions!


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