Justin Bieber & ‘NSYNC Battle On ‘Boyfriend Girlfriend’ Mashup [VIDEO]

July 19, 2012 12:50 am

What would you do if your favorite boy band from the 90’s came together with today’s biggest pop star? It just happened with one DJ combining ‘NSYNC’sGirlfriend” and Justin Bieber’sBoyfriend” on what is sure to make Beliebers and Justin Timberlake fans squeal with excitement.

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The two videos, put together by Raheem D, have a lot more similarities than you might think. Both feature parking lot parties complete with pretty girls and fast cars. Even though J.T. and the Biebs have different voices, the combination of the singles doesn’t sound too bad at all.

The video creator makes it clear it’s not a competition for who is better than the other. “I didn’t create this mashup to defame either of them,” Raheem wrote on the video’s caption. “I genuinely wanted to mix these two songs because I knew they would go together so well.”

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Take a listen for yourself below and let us know if these two should collaborate with new music in the future.


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