Michael Stagliano Dishes On Why ‘Bachelor Pad’ Is So Emotional [AUDIO]

July 20, 2012 12:01 am

Listen up “Bachelor” fans! The third season of “Bachelor Pad” is almost upon us! On Monday night you will once again be reunited with host Chris Harrison and—surprise, surprise—several former contestants are also returning!

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According to “Reality TV World,” Michael Stagliano (who won last year’s competition), Erica Rose, Ed Swiderski and Lindzi Cox are among those making a comeback. Chris Harrison told “Reality TV World” that Michael is the first champion to appear on the show and that he’s ready to win once more.

“He plays the game very well again,” said Chris, “because he knew being the defending champ, again, he had a mark on his back. And so he had to be very careful how he kind of integrated himself into the house. And you’ll see he does so very wisely.”

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However, Chris also adds that Michael’s initial intentions were not on the game, but on finding love. “I think this season, at least outwardly, he came in just to try and make a relationship and find love although he quickly got caught up in the game,” said Chris.

So what can fans expect this season? Michael told us that if anything, there will be ‘loads of PDA’ and emotions will be running high. “People really don’t have any concept of how little sleep we get. If you go 8 days in a row and you average like 3 hours of sleep a night you start to cry about things that you would normally cry about.” And we can’t wait to see it!

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