Teen Choice Tips: How to Host an Awesome Awards Viewing Party! [PHOTOS]

July 22, 2012 2:07 pm

The 2012 Teen Choice Awards have finally arrived! The only downside is that you don’t have a ticket or live too far away to attend. But don’t get discouraged. You can host your own hot and hopping Teen Choice viewing party with these tips.

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We’ve got some great themed food, drink and decoration ideas to help you plan the event—some even celebrity inspired. So go ahead and set up your big screen TV and read our advice for a great Hollywood night.

Teen Choice Awards kid-friendly mocktail.

Photo: Pinterest/People Magazine

Acai Fizz Mocktail

People Magazine posted this mocktail idea on their Pinterest page.

The recipe comes from SUSHISAMBA, a popular restaurant and celebrity hotspot, so you can feel like a star while sipping.


  • 1.5 oz. acai juice
  • 1 oz. mango juice
  • 1 oz. passion fruit
  • 1 egg white, pasteurized (optional)
  • Soda water
  • Star fruit

All ingredients should be mixed in a shaker, except for the soda water. Once the drink is mixed it should be poured over ice, topped with a bit of soda water and garnished with the star fruit (as pictured).


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Backstage candy at the Teen Choice Awards.

Instagram/People Magazine

Sugar Rush Appetizer

Every good party features something that guests can nibble on before the festivities start. But this is the Teen Choice Awards, which means your guests—and young celebrities—are expecting treats galore.

People Magazine
posted this behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram of what the stars have to look forward to backstage.

So hurry on over to your local drugstore, purchase some beach-themed bowls and fill them up to the brim with candy. You and your friends may be up all night afterward, but at least you won’t miss a second of award show action.





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Teen Choice Award-inspired star pizzas.

Pinterest/Craft Gossip

“You’re a Star” Pizza Entree

Now it’s dinnertime, but you want to make something simple.

You’re going to need your hands free in order to pick up the remote and raise the volume when your favorite performer comes on TV.

Try something with a built in plate like these mini pizzas, where the crust keeps all the messy ingredients from getting on your hands.

These pizzas are extra special because of their celebrity shape, made with a simple baking mold. Now you and your friends can chow down in style.





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A large surfboard decoration.

Oriental Trading

Teen Choice Surfboard Decoration
Last but not least, what’s a Teen Choice Awards party without the famous surfboard in sight?

You can purchase this baby for $16 online at Oriental Trading.

It can be used as either a decoration or a gift for a friend. You and your party guests can play games all night—Jonas Brothers trivia anyone?—for a chance to win the prize.

Good luck with your viewing party and be sure to check back for more Teen Choice coverage later this evening!


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