Chris Harrison Reveals A Secret About ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Jef Holm [AUDIO]

July 23, 2012 8:00 am

Bachelor” series host Chris Harrison called in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” on Monday to dish on last night’s “Bachelorette” finale.

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***Spoiler Alert***

In case you missed the episode, Jef Holm ended up popping the question to Emily Maynard, so Ryan had to ask:

Did The Audience Want Jef To Win?
“Um, you know, it was pretty split down the middle. I mean honestly there was a lot of Arie fans in the mix as well,” Chris tells us.

“Can I also give you a little interesting tidbit about J-E-F? It’s not Jef with one F. It’s Jeff with two Fs. Jef’s mom was there last night and she said, ‘It’s not Jef with one F, his name is Jeffrey!’ And I thought for a second, my heart dropped, I thought we’ve screwed this up and we’ve been doing it wrong the entire season.”

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“No! It was Jef with one F! It was his own doing. And she says, ‘What kind of human being would name their son Jef with one F? Of course it’s Jeff with two Fs! It’s short for Jeffrey!’ He took it upon himself and dropped an F because he thinks it’s eccentric or whatever, and so it really is Jeff with two Fs.”

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Did Emily Make The Right Decision?
It was a difficult for Emily to choose between Arie and Jef…was she in love with both guys? “Here’s the thing: In what other world are you dating 25 guys at the same time? I think we set them up to where they are dating these great guys and where else would you be dating Sean, Arie and Jef all at the same time? It’s the extraordinary circumstances in which they are set up that allows them to fall in love with two great guys towards the end.”

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On Rumors That Chris Is Dating Emily:
There have been rumors that Chris was dating the “Bachelorette.” If last night’s finale wasn’t enough to put this rumor to rest Chris also had this to say: “Shocking that that one didn’t turn out to be true.”

Who Is The Next Bachelor Going To Be?
“We don’t know and to be honest, they have not been named yet. A bunch of candidates have been thrown out, whether it’s Roberto, even Sean, but we wanted to really wait. And you know this as well as anybody, why would we pigeonhole ourselves so early when you want to see what the situation is with Arie, you want to see what the reaction is to Sean. Those are all viable candidates so we definitely wouldn’t name anybody that early especially when we’re a month or so away from production.”

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