Christina Aguilera Set To Release New Dance Track Next Month [AUDIO]

July 23, 2012 12:30 am

We have to admit—sometimes it’s a little depressing to watch Christina Aguilera on “The Voice.” As she judges and mentors young singers day in and day out, all we can think about is the fact that she hasn’t released an album of her own in two years. Thank goodness that’s about to change.

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According to Xtina will have a new song out before the end of August, a dance track produced by none other than Swedish genius Max Martin. Max is the mastermind behind many notable Britney Spears hits and he’s also worked with Katy Perry.

Have you noticed a new album title, The Hollow, has been listed under Christina’s name on their site? No word has been released yet as to whether this information is accurate, but Billboard’s source does say that the new song’s chorus will be “built around the line, ‘All I want to do is what you wanted,'” and that is enough to keep us excited!

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