Jersey Girl Snooki Reveals Her Dream Acting Roles [AUDIO]

July 23, 2012 12:01 am

Rumor has it our Jersey girl, Snook, is hoping to get more acting roles. In 2011 she and the rest of the “Jersey Shore” cast filmed a cameo for the recently released movie, “The Three Stooges.”

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While discussing her time on set with Access Hollywood Snooki said, “I wasn’t nervous at all. The fact that we enjoy it and we’re not scared to like, be stupid or make fun of ourselves – I think we could be good in acting.” And she added, “I would love to do comedy.”

Snooki told us exclusively her two acting dream jobs…on TV she wants to play a 60s asylum chick on FX show “American Horror Story” and on the big screen she aspires to be a starfish in “Finding Nemo 2.”

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As the Disney movie is not due in theaters till at least 2016, we think the family role sounds like the perfect gig for soon-to-be mama Snooki. What do you think? Could a Snooki cameo in “Nemo” surpass Ellen DeGeneres‘s role as Dory? Share your thoughts below.

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