Tom Parker Hopes To Work With Chris Brown On The Wanted’s New Album [AUDIO]

July 23, 2012 2:37 pm

The Wanted‘s Tom Parker took a break from his gym session Monday morning to chat with Ryan during “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” The two spoke about celebrity gossip, new music and Tom’s upcoming Olympic performance.

Is Tom Parker of The Wanted The Next Hot Fashion Designer?

Is It Over Between Max And Michelle?
Tom was grilled about his band mate Max George‘s relationship with longtime girlfriend Michelle Keegan. “I mean, it’s not really my place to comment. I can’t really say anything because then it will go everywhere. I’m just going to wait until he comes out and says something because he’s not even announced anything himself yet, so I don’t want to be the one to break something that might not even be true.”

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What Can You Tell Us About A New Album?
“Obviously we’ve got our new single off the album which is ‘Chasing The Sun,’ which is just building out in America at the moment, and then we’ve got another single off of that which is probably coming to you about September, which we personally think is as big as ‘Glad You Came‘ if not bigger. It’s almost finished and we’re just talking about collabs and stuff. We’re trying to get Chris Brown on a single and possibly Justin as well.”

Justin Bieber and The Wanted Going On Tour?

And Will He Get To Touch The Torch?
“I mean we’ve run with the torch already. Yeah we’ve already done it when it was up in Birmingham, but I think it arrives in London, in Hyde Park on Thursday, so hopefully I will get to touch it again. It was a special moment. It’s so exciting! I feel honored.”

The Wanted will be hitting the stage on Thursday at the Olympic Torch Relay finale event, presented by Coca Cola, and Tom is really looking forward to it. “I’m really excited,” he said. “Never played Hyde Park before. I’m pretty nervous if I’m honest with you.”


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