Victoria Justice and Max Schneider Tackle Maroon 5’s Greatest Hits [VIDEO]

July 23, 2012 12:01 pm

Victoria Justice and Max Schneider of Nickelodeon fame have teamed up yet again to bring us an medley video of epic proportions. The video was directed by YouTube music video genius Kurt Schneider and he even makes a little cameo in some shots. This is a different kind of cover, because not only are they singing the Maroon 5 medley in lip dub fashion, they’re also displaying the lyrics throughout the different rooms of the house. Kurt explained it as a, “live lyric video,” and if you look closely, every lyric is displayed in some sort of creative way.

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Victoria and Max previously teamed up with Kurt to do a Bruno Mars medley that took YouTube by storm. Now, the pair is at it again and are proving to be unstoppable. Victoria will be taking Max along with her on her “Make It In America” tour starting in just a few weeks, so who knows what tricks they have up their sleeves for the show! If you’d like to hear more from the pair be sure to check them out when they stop by a city near you!

Via YouTube User: KurthugoSchneider


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