Listen to Ryan Beatty’s Debut EP ‘Because of You’ [AUDIO]

July 24, 2012 1:01 am

For a 16-years-old, Ryan Beatty seems very mature. A soulful sound and hairdo to rival Justin Bieber, Ryan’s lyrics dive into love and relationships while his beat stays lighthearted and acoustic.

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Moving from his YouTube channel to the recording studio, he hopes to take his 30 million viral views/fans with him. Ryan describes his debut EP “Because of You,” available July 24, as a “Thank You” gift for his fans:  “I have taken my time in the studio to make it just right and put all I have into every song because it is what they deserve. That is why I titled my debut EP ‘Because of You,’- without them, I wouldn’t have an EP to release.”

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And we’re sure that the fans will appreciate the gesture. The tracks featured on the EP are originally co-written by Ryan–even his highly anticipated heartfelt track “Like Me or Not.” Listen to snippets of “Because of You” below!


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