‘Indiana Jones’ Theme Song — A Cappella Style [VIDEO]

July 24, 2012 12:50 am

It is undeniable that anyone who has seen the the Indiana Jones movies, has caught themselves humming that catchy theme song at some time or another. Whether it be in the shower, on the freeway, or even during an intense hike, the classic tune has made it past all of our lips helping put a little adventure in every day life. But not many have done it to the same extent as Youtube cover artist, Nick McKaig.

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This week McKaig released a new music video of himself portraying Dr. Jones while vocally mimicking each and every instrument from the famous theme song by John Williams. “The recording is 100% vocals and 100% my own voice. This particular recording consists of 62 tracks,” states McKaig on his Youtube channel.

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This is not the first time Nick McKaig has covered one of our favorite theme songs. He has covered many recognizable tunes from movies and television, including both the Star Wars and Friends themes. Make sure to make a request to him about what song you want to hear him cover next.


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