Jonah Hill Talks About ’21 Jump Street’ Sequel [AUDIO]

July 25, 2012 8:26 am

Jonah Hill called in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday morning to talk about winning “Choice Comedy” at the Teen Choice Awards for “21 Jump Street.” “It was cool,” he said. “I never won any sort of award before and I was just excited to be up there. Especially for Jump Street.”

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So You Wrote The Film Yourself?
“Yeah I wrote that with my buddy Mike Bacall and I produced it with Channing. I mean I was the originator of the project. It was a TV show obviously and then they asked if I wanted to adapt it into a film and I was the one who was originally was adapting it into a film.”

“It took me five years from where I started writing to when it came out. Exactly. So that’s why I was so excited that people dig it, you know? Cause it’s like, I never know if it was ever going to actually be a movie, let alone come out and have people really like it.“

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Are You Doing A Sequel?
“Yeah we literally just finished the first draft of that script yesterday.“

How Was It Working With Ben Stiller And Vince Vaughn On “The Watch”?
“They’re pretty fun. There was a lot of Ping-Pong going on. We shot in Atlanta.”

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Do You Save The neighborhood In The Movie?
“I try my best. Basically what happens is these group of guys get together just basically to hang out and have some fun and cause some ruckus and then aliens attack. It’s like an R-rated kind of Ghost Busters feeling kind of movie and it’s not gonna like change the world, but it’s just a super funny summer movie.”

Jonah’s career is certainly picking up. The actor and comedian told Ryan that he’s starting work on a Martin Scorsese film in a couple of weeks. “21 Jump Street” is also available now on DVD.

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