Billy Bush Weighs In On Kristen Stewart Cheating Drama & Jackson Family Issues [AUDIO]

July 26, 2012 7:15 am

Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush dropped by the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” studio to talk about what he has been up to in London and to chat about what is going on with the Jackson family and gives us the latest on the Kristen Stewart scandal.

On The Kristen Stewart Scandal:
“Crazy that anybody apologizes or admits, that rarely happens. But in this case from the photos it’s pretty obvious. The sad part is this guy Rupert Sanders, the director of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman,’ his wife helped get Kristen the job. She went to her husband and said: ‘She is enigmatic, she is the one, she’s got that x factor, that it thing, whatever it is, I think you should hire her,'” Billy tells us.

Kristen Issues Public Apology — How Will Rob Respond?

On The Jacksons:
Billy says, “It is so bizarre. This family to me is just so screwed up, no one’s looking after the kids. To me, they’re falling all over themselves looking after the dough, and it’s sad, it’s tragic. Paris Jackson with twitter now, and every emotion she feels, and 14-year-old girls feel a lot of emotions. She’s just tweeting them like crazy and it’s getting out of hand. I understand Janet Jackson trying to get the phone from her, but I also think who is taking care of these kids. I thought they were in a good place, it’s tragic.”

On Doing ‘Access Hollywood’ From London:
“The Brad Pitts and George Clooneys of the world are to the side,” Billy tells us. “The athletes become the stars at the Olympics and I’ve done it ever since Sydney and for “Access Hollywood” since Athens. The ratings go through the roof, people want to hear about them and they’re psyched. These athletes are like: ‘We’re going on ‘Access Hollywood’ how fun!’ They’ve always been on the sports channels and ESPN and all that stuff. So, they come to us and love it.”

Swimmer Ryan Lochte Shows Off His Olympic Figure

Who are some of the big athletes that Billy will be talking with? “Phelps, he’s big. I’ve known him for years. We text back and forth during the off season, great kid, been through a lot. Now he’s mounting up to be the greatest Olympian of all time and he needs 3 more medals to do it. He’s a big story, Ryan Lochte’s a big story, his competitor in the pool. Because I think Michael is competing as much against him on his own team as he is to win more medals. I think he is going to get there…I think he wins 6 golds, that’s my call.”

So Why Was Billy Wearing A Sling?
Billy explains a recent biking mishap. “I’m coming down the mountain when she comes, I’m in Park City, Utah, it’s my last day of vacation. I was just going to fast and I got a little lazy. I wanted to be done, I was bored…I went right over the top of the handlebars and thank god I was wearing my helmet. I knew the shoulder was mangled and I broke the collarbone in 3 places…currently rolling with a plate and 10 screws in there.”


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