Ryan Seacrest Calls Mariah Carey to Talk ‘American Idol’ [VIDEO]

July 26, 2012 12:01 pm

Ryan Seacrest is definitely enjoying his new gig as an NBC News Special Correspondent for “Today” and the Olympic Games. On Thursday morning’s interview with Matt Lauer, however, the boss was asked about another one of his important jobs.

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Matt asked Ryan about the newest judge and member of the “American Idol” family, Mariah Carey. Ryan quickly praised the singer and her musical abilities. “Having Mariah come on board is pretty incredible,” Ryan said. “She’s got the five octave range , she’s got the whistle registry which is that high note she can hit.”  Ryan also described the phone call he had with Mariah Wednesday night. Mariah confessed she was going to be, “very honest and say what I’m thinking.”

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When asked about who will replace Steven Tyler, Ryan seemed to have no idea. He’s heard rumors of everyone from country artist Brad Paisley to mom and pop star Pink. The speculation continues…

Ryan also talked about his upcoming roles as part of NBC’s Olympic coverage. During the Opening Ceremony Friday night, Ryan will be down on the field following the Parade of Nations to interview Team USA athletes.

We will also see Ryan’s full interview with Michael Phelps at his home in Baltimore. Ryan hinted that not everyone in the Phelps family believes this will be the swimmer’s final Olympic Games. For Ryan’s full appearance on “Today,” watch the video below.


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