You Might See The ‘Pixie Warrior Weightlifter’ In The Next Olympics [VIDEO]

July 26, 2012 12:20 am

Tumblr has a crush on Samantha Wright, a CrossFit and Gymnastics coach from Philadelphia, who has an adorable face and tough as nails body.

Dubbed the “Pixie Warrior,” she competed in USAG Gymnastics for 10 years, and has coached for three. Making a full circle, she may be competing in the 2016 Olympics after qualifying for the National Level of Olympic Weightlifting which will begin this March.

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Currently, Sammy trains at CrossFit Center City (Philadelpha), offers personal training, and attends school at Rutgers-Camden. A busy lady obsessed with her Blackberry, Sammy proves that athletic success is about determination in all aspects of life. And it doesn’t help that she is cute as a button.

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Sammy has taken over Tumblr and caught the eye of many male fans. The-gentlemen-are-coming-by posted: “I would give my left foot for one date with Samantha Wright.” Echoing the plea for attention, here are some posted pics of the up and coming Olympian.
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Pixie Warrior Samantha Lifts 125 lbs.

A home-workout lesson: a taste of what you can expect in Samantha’s class…


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