Hilly + Hannah Premiere Music Video for ‘Saturday Night’ [VIDEO]

July 27, 2012 7:40 am

Hilly + Hannah have celebrated Halloween Lady Gaga style, dressed up as vampires in a “Breaking Dawn” parody, and cast spells with their rendition of “Harry Potter.”  This time around, the sister duo are branching out with original music from their first single, “Saturday Night,” produced by Jeff Barringer.

The music video, produced, directed and edited by Hilly + Hannah, shows two different girls in two separate worlds. Hannah, dressed in a beautiful white gown, symbolizes an elegant future. On the other hand, Hilly’s 80′s look complete with signature hair and shoes depicts a past life coming back with vengeance.

The sisters talked to us about their new single and whether or not YouTube fans can expect a new “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ parody.

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On The “Breaking Dawn” Parody: 
“The ‘Breaking Dawn’ parody is our absolute favorite.  We are so proud of the way we recreated certain scenes, since we both tried so hard to make the sets, costumes, etc. true to the book and film. We already have tons of fans asking if we will create ‘Breaking Dawn Parody Part 2.’  We would love to make another!”

How Lady Gaga Helped Their Career:
“After the release of Lady Gaga—Gagaween by The Hillywood Show, we were notified by fans that Lady Gaga, herself, posted our video on Twitter, Facebook and even her official web site!  Nothing could have made us happier!  We are so thankful to Lady Gaga for having shared our video and spreading The Hillywood Show to her Little Monsters.”

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What Is To Come for Hilly + Hannah:
“We have so many ideas in the works! We know for sure that one our biggest hopes is to create a ‘Lord of the Rings’ parody!  We are fans of the movies and books, ourselves, and it would be a dream to have some fun with it.” The girls have also teamed up with the new YouTube music channel called myISH along with Facinelli Films aka A7sle Films (Peter Facinelli of “The Twilight Saga,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Finding Amanda,” etc). The girls plan to premiere new parodies on their channel on a regular basis, with behind-the-scenes of their parodies available on myISH.

Their Favorite YouTube Artists:
Hilly + Hannah recommend you check out Kaleb NationTristan ClopetICOEPRproductionsPatrick Tanner, and Alex Goot.

To watch more videos from Hilly + Hannah, check out their YouTube channel here or visit their website here.



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