Ten Nail-Biting Olympic Opening Ceremony Rumors [PHOTOS]

July 27, 2012 11:38 am

The 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony is only hours away, and the rumors are swirling! Speculation about everything from who will light the torch to the appearance of a band of flying Mary Poppins has the internet abuzz. Here are the top ten rumors that we really, really hope (but highly doubt) will turn out to be true.

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1. David Beckham will light the Olympic torch. Although the soccer hottie did not make the team, rumors are running rampant that Becks will carry the torch in the final leg of its journey and light the Olympic flame. While we wouldn’t mind Beckham lighting the torch we think he may be too obvious. The TODAY show reported that the torch bearer will be a “good surprise.”

2. Brooms vs. Umbrellas- The battle of famous British movie characters. “One rumor going around is that a horde of flying nannies based on Mary Poppins will be fighting Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter book/movie series,” writes one website.  As epic (and weird) as that match up would be, we are curious to see how this odd rumor plays out. But if it is true… our money is on the horde of nannies.

Warner Brothers

3. Adele‘s Pipes. It seems like the British phenomenon should be a shoe in to perform at some point during the ceremonies (maybe even alongside the also rumored Paul McCartney) . The pregnant London-native is the epitome of musical success, but if she doesn’t show we’ll settle for Susan Boyle…

4. All hail the Queen. Rumor has it that the Queen herself will participate in the ceremony. Do you think she or any other members of the royal family will join in on the fun? While we’re on the subject, we wonder what Kate Middleton will be wearing…

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5. Bond. James Bond. Spectators from the dress rehearsal have revealed that Daniel Craig will return to his role as James Bond in a short film set at Buckingham Palace, ending with a stuntman parachuting into the Olympic stadium.

Columbia Pictures/ Eon Productions

6. Peter Pan and other fairy tale characters. In an interview with msnbc, Opening ceremony director Danny Boyle revealed “There’s a very close connection between some of the great writers of children’s literature who have been immortalized actually by Disney: Cruella de Vil, Captain Hook, Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts, but actually they originated in British literature. And the most famous of that is Peter Pan.”

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7. Animals, animals everywhere. We know that there will be a plethora of animals on hand to portray Britain’s rural landscape, and we can only hope that the animals have been well trained and rehearsed to avoid any stage fright freak-outs.


8. Britain through time. An NBC reporter observed “black winged acrobats, chimney sweeps, and futuristic hip hop dancers” as he walked by the dress rehearsal, so we can only assume that the ceremony will be a comprehensive history of British culture.

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9. American eye candy. Sadly, some of our favorite athletes will not be walking with Team USA–including Michael Phelps and the women’s gymnastics team– due to competitions starting early Saturday and Sunday. However, we can’t help but wonder what Hollywood stars will be gracing the audience tonight, any guesses?

10. Ding dong, the worlds largest harmonically tuned bell. Rumor has it that the ceremony will start with the worlds largest harmonically tuned bell, manufactured by the same company that made the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and the bells in the London Tower.


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