Melissa Rycroft Talks Returning To ‘Dancing with the Stars’ [AUDIO]

July 30, 2012 8:00 am

Former “Bachelor” contestant Melissa Rycroft called in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Monday to talk about the upcoming 15th season of “Dancing With The Stars,” where she will return as an “All-Star” cast member.

Melissa Rycroft To Star In New Ryan Seacrest-Produced Reality Series

Why Try to Compete Against People Who Have Beaten You Before?
“I’m still trying to figure that out myself. When I saw the rest of the cast and I saw that two of them have already beat me in this competition, I’m kind of wondering what I’ve done to myself, but if anything it’s going to be a great time. There are some phenomenal dancers, there’s big personalities and big names, but what do you expect from an all-star season? They want to bring back the best of the best.”

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Did You Know Who The Cast Was Going To Be Before You Signed On?
“I didn’t. No. And that’s what was nerve-wracking about the cast announcement. We were all, I think, kind of sitting behind the wings going, ‘Who the heck are we going against?’”

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Do You Know Who You’re Dancing With Yet?
“I don’t and that makes me even more nervous. I wish we had a say, that’s part of the frustrating thing is that we don’t really get a say. You can put a name in the pot, but I don’t think that it does much good.”

On Newly Engaged Couple Emily Maynard & Jef Holm:
Melissa’s relationship with season 13 “Bachelor” Jason Mesnick ended with a broken engagement. Now she stars in her own RSP produced reality show, “Melissa & Tye” with her husband Tye Strickland and has some advice for new “Bachelorette” couple Emily and Jef.

Newly Engaged Emily Maynard Announces She Will Become Emily Holm

“I hope it works. Unfortunately so many people come outdated and I didn’t have the best experience on that so. She seems really sweet and so does he. I wish them the best, I do. I think the curse of a lot of the couples is that they tend to make things a little too public at the end of it. It’s such a rushed relationship to begin with that I think the best recipe to making it work is to actually take some time once the show is over to really really get to know each other and enjoy each other privately. If they do that I think they may have a shot.”


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