Joel and Ryan Are Making a Documentary and You Could Be The Star! [VIDEOS]

July 30, 2012 6:01 am

For the past few weeks we’ve been asking the question: what is “Random Acts of Fusion?” And finally, the answer has been revealed. “Random Acts of Fusion” is the title of Joel McHale‘s new movie—a film that’s soon to be starring you.

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Joel is embarking on a quest to create a truthful and artsy documentary and for each scene you have the chance to participate and win a prize. For example, Joel and his assistant Kate Micucci recently came up the idea to film one lucky person’s fitness excursion to the Canyon Ranch health resort. Check it out:

Are you wondering how this documentary idea came about?  Apparently Joel needed a little help completing Ryan’s quest—and that’s where you come in. Take a look:

Now you probably have a lot of questions like, “How can I audition for the movie?” and “When is Kate going to be coming to my town?” It’s understandable that you’d be excited, but these details take time to figure out.

Or if you’re like Joel, you could just make decisions using a dartboard.

Ford is teaming up with Joel, Ryan and Kate to go local on a national level and bring the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion hybrids to everyday people like you.

Chances to participate in the making of Joel’s documentary will soon be appearing all across the country in the form of big acts, pop-up acts, and fusion moments.

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Here’s how it works: for each of the big acts you’ll need to audition. Not even Hollywood heavyweights can score the major roles without a tryout. Auditions can come in the form of a photo or a video submission, depending on the scene. Take a look.

Act 1: Vacation Do Over

Act 2: Roadtrip Rivalry

Now it also appears that Joel and Ryan can’t seem to agree on which one of their hometown cities is best suited for the film—and we’re not surprised—but maybe you disagree too.

If you think your city deserves to be featured than you need to nominate it! Remember, there are only 100 Ford Fusions available to visit 100 cities across the country.

We told you the surprise would be worth the wait! There’s even more fun to be had—and videos to discover—over at and on the Ford Fusion + Hybrid Facebook page. So go! Get in on the act! And we’ll see you on the big screen!


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