Gwyneth Paltrow Will Be Singing In London Pubs During The Olympics [AUDIO]

July 31, 2012 12:01 am

Gwyneth Paltrow plans to sing in public during the Olympics. She wants to book secret gigs all around London and she also wants to invite her V.I.P. pals including Jay-Z and Beyonce. Whether they will grab a mic and share share the stage with Gwyneth remains to be seen, but wherever she decides to sing it will be one very packed pub.

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Gwyneth really wants to make a go of a singing career. However, right now she’s a decided not to let husband Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, help her with her pub venture…she doesn’t want to ride his coattails. So, we will be waiting to see where Gwyneth pops up in London!

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