Megan and Liz Perform Acoustic Version of ‘Bad For Me’ [VIDEOS]

July 31, 2012 7:34 am

Megan and Liz have been really busy! Winning the Macy’s iHeart Radio Rising Star Contest, making YouTube videos for their super successful YouTube channel, and releasing their new single “Bad For Me” today on iTunes. [BUY NOW] The twins have been up to a lot!

WORLD PREMIERE: Listen to Megan & Liz’s New Single ‘Bad For Me’ [VIDEO]

They took the time to come and perform an acoustic version of their new single “Bad For Me!” gave you the world premiere of the hot new single and you guys seem to love it. Check out the acoustic version below!

Megan and Liz are not new to the YouTube world. We got an exclusive sit down interview with the two girls who dished on past relationships, their new music, some of their favorite foods, and even the guy who inspired “Bad For Me.” See the girls laugh, chit chat about their life and get to know them a little better in the video below!

On Their New Single:
Liz: “Excited is an understatement. This has been such a long and exciting process. The song is finally out. It feels so good to finally have it just be released and have all this excitement to be like “here it is!!””

Megan: “It’s pretty much about this guy. All those playa playas out there. That’s how we came up with how “he’s bad for me”. All the girls won’t admit they like it but they know they do. We hope all the girls who listen to it are like ‘oh yeah, that’s me.’ I know he’s bad for me but I still like him.”

On Boys:
Megan: “We have totally different taste in guys. Liz likes the straight, if they’re not a gentleman, she’s like ‘see ya.’ She doesn’t have any sort of attachment to anybody until a good while in. Which is really good and you’re [Liz] really lucky. If they’re not treating her the right way, she’s like ‘oh I’ll find another one, it’s whatever.’ They have to be so nice, so gentleman, everybody has to love them.”

Liz: “Megan likes boys who are really smart. Really smart guys but kind of know that they’re really smart. Not in a cocky or arrogant way but they definitely know. She just likes the guys that sometimes won’t always be a gentleman. She likes a challenge. Maybe somebody that’s bad for her.”

On Dating:
Megan: “I’m single as a dollar.”

Liz: “I do have a boyfriend. He’s very great. He’s in Phoenix. He’s a guitar tech for a band and we played a show with this band, and we met there, and we kept meeting up in all these places. The band is based in Nashville, so he always comes to Nashville [to visit].”

On Liz Being A Vegetarian:
Liz: “It’s weird though because I like barbecue on everything. On mashed potatoes – I would eat barbecue sauce on celery. I honestly would.”

Megan: “She eats really bad.”

Liz: “I’m not really a healthy vegetarian. I just eat a lot of cheese pizza. I can go to In-N-Out. I get a grilled cheese. It’s everything but the meat in it. There’s still the sauce, the cheese, and it’s all really good.”

On Shooting The Macy’s Commercial:
Megan: “When we won the iHeart Radio Rising Star Contest it was sponsored by Macy’s. They were aware of us from there. They kept in contact with us and found out our audiences are really, really spot on for their back to school campaign. And one thing lead to another, badda bing, badda boom, commercial!”

Interviewer: Jeffrey Wisenbaugh


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