Piers Morgan Addresses Olympics Twitter Controversy [AUDIO]

July 31, 2012 8:03 am

Journalist and television host Piers Morgan called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to talk about what he will be covering on his CNN show tonight and to discuss the “Social Media Games” at the Olympics.

Some athletes are finding that their lifelong hard work can come crashing down within a matter of 140 characters. A Greek triple jumper and a Swiss soccer player were both banned from the London games after remarks made on Twitter. Also, Hope Solo and Lolo Jones caught some heat for tweets they had sent.

Should Athlete’s Tweets Be Filtered?
“I think they have to be media trained…I’m all in favor of them being on Twitter,” Piers says. “I think it adds to the excitement, the fans can live the experience in real time. I think Twitter, Facebook and all social media have raised not only that concern, but obviously this ongoing debate of whether NBC should be using tape to delay the events.”

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Piers continues, “I think all the rules have been thrown out of the water here. Because it’s a hugely popular Games, massive ratings around the world, record ratings in America for non-American games, so there’s no problem there. But I think for athletes now engaging in such social media, they’ve got to be careful and I think for all broadcasters going forward, how do you get around the fact now that millions of people around the world are all debating every tiny bit of these games in real time. I don’t think anymore you can afford to wait hours and hours to then show the events everyone’s talking about. So, I think it’s going to change things and I think probably for the better.”

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On Piers Morgan Tonight:
“We’ve got Steven Redgrave coming in tonight, who is one of my all-time sporting heroes. He is the guy who obviously took the flame from David Beckham at the Opening Ceremony. He’s the only man in British Olympic history who won 5 consecutive gold medals, at 5 consecutive games. Which is a pretty extraordinary experience. We’ve also got Mary Lou Retton coming in, obviously a legend in the world of American gymnastics.”

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Piers continues, “We are going to carry on the whole debate about Twitter, both the athletes getting in to trouble and about whether NBC should be changing the programming and all that kind of stuff. And just generally get into the swimming as well, because everyone was talking about Phelps/Lochte and suddenly we’ve got this gigantic French guy who’s come out of nowhere who seems to be ruining the party. So, we’ll have plenty of that tonight.”

Piers Morgan Tonight” airs weeknights at 9pm on CNN.


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