Swimming Champ Matt Grevers Talks Marriage and Setting a New Olympic Record [AUDIO]

July 31, 2012 9:46 am

Olympic gold medalist and new Olympic record holder in the men’s 100 meter backstroke, Matt Grevers called in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Tuesday to talk about winning the race and his equally epic proposal to now-fiance Annie Chandler.

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Matt made headlines earlier this year when he proposed to his girlfriend, and fellow swimmer, Annie Chandler at the 2012 Missouri Grand Prix in February. Of course, Ryan had to ask:

Is She Staying In The Village With You?
“She’s not in the village. She’s actually hanging out with my family right now, but it’s been awesome having her here. Being able to make eye contact with her before the race and blowing her a kiss after a race. It’s really special to share that moment with her.”

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On His Epic Proposal:
“I mean a couple of those deep breaths I had were not from the race, they definitely were nerves from what I was about to do and it was nice that I could hide some of my emotions for the proposal behind my race and I guess in that I planned it well. My mom put it in my warm-up pocket, so I walked out of the ready room and I didn’t want the ring in my pocket because there would have been a noticeable box-like bulge in my pocket, so they put it in after I got in the water, so she just snuck it in there and Annie was none the wiser.”

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On Feeling The Excitement Of The Crowd:
“It’s electric in there, it really is, and you can feel it. You feel a rumble and it goes through your body and you feel a little extra energy at the end surge to the wall. You can peek around. Your peripherals are pretty good in those goggles, so you can see around and kind of get an idea of where people are at. It does help being a little taller for sure. I’ve become pretty efficient in my backstroke so every stroke gets me a long way.”

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How Is Matt Spending His Free Time In London?
“I’m just enjoying the moment getting to talk to great people like you guys and still training. Just cheering on my teammates, trying to get USA more medals. It’s awesome,” he says. Matt has been staying at the Olympic Village. “It’s really neat having all the incredible athletes from all the countries. It’s cool just hearing all the different languages. Everyone’s just in a good mood to be at the Olympic Games and excited to be there.”

If you missed Matt’s winning moment don’t worry, NBC has a great video of the race online and he’s set to swim again in the 4 x 100m medley relay on Saturday, August 4th.


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