HUGE Olympic Themed Water Gun Battle In the Middle of New York! [VIDEO]

August 1, 2012 12:50 am

You’d definitely feel left out if you weren’t one of the 4,000+ people following these instructions…

Dead Man Leaves The Best Tip Ever [VIDEOS]

One of the most popular “flash mob” groups out there, with over 240 million views, Improv Everywhere is used to doing things big. They took it to a whole new level with their new mp3 Experiment video! Over 4,000 people showed up on Governors Island in New York and followed Olympic-themed instructions from an audio file on their iPods.

Beware of the British & Their Throwing Bells [VIDEO]

The booming voice told them to follow people, walk in slow motion, and a lot more. Check out the epic finale in the video below!



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