5 Ways To Rock A Scarf In Summertime [PHOTOS]

August 2, 2012 12:40 am

There are far and few things better than shopping, but if we had to pick something it would be transitioning a favorite seasonal accessory into the next weather cycle.

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Sure shopping for hot summer jewelry is tempting, but what if you spiced up your summer look with that favorite fall or winter scarf?

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That’s right. Scarfs in summer. Forget neck sweat, and no need to break out the winter clothes bins in the garage, just stick to the simple versatility of a light scarf! Check out the 5 easy and ridiculously cute ways to rock a scarf in the scorch of summer!

1. Little Bow Peep:
Twist a bun on top of of your head and tie a bow around it with a medium sized scarf. Put the bow on the side of the bun. You can dress this up by braiding your bun before you twist.


2. All Tied In Knots:
Tie a shorter scarf in a knot around your head. Tuck the extra material into the sides of your scarf.


3. High & Mighty:
Wrap a high bun or any type of up-do with a short scarf, and tie a bow underneath the hair. Makes for a headband or a cute accessory around the bun itself.


4. Sizzlin’ School Girl:
Do a low bun and wrap a short scarf on top of the hair to create a bow.


5. Classy & Chic:
With a long scarf, wrap your head and tie a knot where the two ends meet by your ear. Let the scarf hang down on either side of your neck, and you’ll be ready to ride in a 1950’s plane ride with a Kennedy!



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