Pitbull & Shakira Join Forces to ‘Get It Started’ [VIDEO]

August 2, 2012 8:10 am

Pitbull’s latest video for “Get It Started” featuring Shakira has just been released! As usual, we just want to get up and dance! Between Shakira’s sultry stare and Pitbull’s sexy moves, we don’t know who to keep our eyes on.

Justin Bieber Fights for Love in ‘As Long As You Love Me’ [VIDEO]

Mr. 305 and Justin Bieber must’ve been on the same wavelength because both of their latest videos are more of a mini music movie than a video, but we’re not complaining! Pitbull takes us on a journey where he saves the girl from her tumultuous relationship and whisks her away in his tiny Fiat. To see the video in it’s entirety, check it out below!

Via RCA Records


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