Mouthwatering Olympians for Day 9 — Dalton and Djokovich [PHOTOS]

August 5, 2012 5:46 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: The official “Cutie Calendar” of the London 2012 Olympic summer games. Here you can find when to turn on the tube to watch the most mouthwatering Olympians of the day. If we’re going to be brutally honest with ourselves, a grand majority of the reason we stay up late watching the games is to drool over sweaty men and snag glimpses of speedo shots.

Here at, we decided to make your process of checking out the hot athletes a little easier. Come back to our website DAILY to find the exact times the hottest men will grace your television screen for the next few weeks. You’re welcome.

*Refer to for a full event schedule.

Clemente Russo 

CLEMENTE, 600x400, 8-4-12

Hottest. Boxer. Ever.

Men’s Heavyweight 

1:30 PM PST / 4:30 PM EST Quarter Finals

 Erik Kynard 

KYNARD, 600x400, 8-4-12

This track star sure gets our hearts racing.

High Jump

11:05 AM PST / 2:05 PM EST Qualifications

 Roger Federer 

FEDERER, 600x400, 8-4-12

Unfortunately Federer is already taken, but that can’t keep us from looking at that ace face.

Men’s Singles

6 AM PST / 9 AM EST Gold Medal Match

 Jake Dalton

DALTON, 600x400, 8-4-12

We would bend over backwards to get with this gorgeous gymnast.

Men’s Floor Exercise 

6 AM PST / 9AM EST Final

 Novak Djokovich 

DJOKOVICH, 600x400, 8-4-12

From his smile to his serve to his swag in a suit, Djokovich is definitely a grand slam.

Men’s Singles 

4 AM PST / 7 AM EST Bronze medal Match


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