‘Don’t Mess With Maroney’ Meme — The Best Faces From The Gymnastics Queen [PHOTOS]

August 6, 2012 2:24 pm

McKayla Maroney has become the breakout star of women’s gymnastics, stunning the world with her incredible vaults that soar well above the competition.

Aside from impressing us with her mad skills, the vaulting queen keeps us entertained with her fierce facials. Seriously, if looks could kill… Here are our favorite faces from Maroney:

1. The “Fierce Focus”

2. The “Oh Hell No”

3. The “Keep Calm and Swallow The Silver”

4. The “I’m The Best In The World and I Ain’t Afraid To Show It”

5. The “Instagram Sass”

6. The “Queen of the Ice Bucket”

7. The “Sassy Smirk”


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