Jennifer Aniston Will Not Be A Guest Star On Matthew Perry’s New Show [AUDIO]

August 7, 2012 12:01 am

On Wednesday night following Olympics coverage the special premiere of Matthew Perry’s new comedy “Go On” will hit NBC. Also recently, a rumor has been heating up that Matthew’s former “Friends” co-star, Jennifer Aniston, will be guest starring at some point in the season. Well, if there is anybody who would know, it would be Matthew. So, we asked him point blank will Jennifer make an appearance?

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Matthew had this to say: “A thousand percent not true. Because you sort of want a show to get its sea legs and for you to understand that these are new people that you’re trying to introduce. I think it would be confusing if someone from ‘Friends’ was on right away.” Matthew tells us. Sounds like we might have to wait for a “friends” reunion to see them together…if that ever happens.

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