High School Student Teaches Men Everywhere How To Land An Olympian [VIDEO]

August 8, 2012 1:31 pm

The latest story highlighting Aly Raisman‘s life as a Boston teen is one of romance. Pay attention boys, if you’re looking to capture the heart of an Olympic champion, you may want to take notes from Aly’s longtime friend Jamie McGill.

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Earlier this year, Jamie switched roles from friend to senior prom date when he asked the 18-year-old gymnast in an epic prom proposal—complete with roses and Christmas lights on the football field. Check out the video below:

Possibly the most endearing part of this whole tale is the end of Jamie’s interview. When asked if he sees a future with Aly as more than a friend, he replies, “We’ll be super busy and stuff, but I would love to, yeah. I mean, she’s a really cool girl, I could see things working out.” Could love be in the air?

In an interview with the Boston Herald recently, Jamie revealed that he’s been keeping in touch with Aly while she’s in London. “I Facebook-messaged her last night saying, ‘Just want to say congrats … You’re doing awesome,’” he said. “I’m sure she’ll respond with a smiley face or a heart. You know Aly.”


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