Kerri Walsh & Lolo Jones Get The Best Motherly Advice [VIDEO]

August 8, 2012 7:32 am

Before every race or game, Olympic athletes face stress and pressure to perform their absolute best. After all, the Olympics is finally their time to shine in front of the world. What calms many athletes down in tough times are their loving mothers.

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In a new video from NBC Olympics, mothers of several Team USA athletes share the best advice they give to their child before game day. For some like Margie Walsh, mother to beach volleyball star Kerri, she claims it’s important to be yourself. “I just tell her to don’t doubt herself because she has all the tools,” Margie said. “Just remember what you got sweetheart.”

Roslyn Eaton, mother of track star Ashton, became emotional in the video. Rosyln summed it up by telling her son to, “bring it and leave it on the track.” Lolo Jones‘ mother Lori also teared up during her appearance. “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Lori said. “I feel blessed to have a child like Lolo.”

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Hear from more Olympic mothers including Gabby Douglas’ mom and see Ryan Lochte kiss his mom after her inspiring words in the video link below.

Ryan Lochte


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