New Jesse McCartney Track ‘Out of Words’ Reminiscent of ‘Beautiful Soul’ [AUDIO]

August 8, 2012 7:01 am

For Jesse McCartney fans, the wait is finally over. The singer and songwriter surprised his followers last Wednesday by announcing on Twitter that he was giving away a free download of a new song called “Out of Words.”

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Jesse’s manager later clarified that the song had been leaked online, but rather than fight the inevitable, she encouraged fans to share it. Soon Jesse himself posted a link to the song and supporters rejoiced—finally they had some new music after four long years of waiting.

Many have commented on how the song reminds them of “Beautiful Soul,” the debut track that rocketed Jesse to stardom in 2004.

The lyrics seem softer than that of his last album, Departure, and mark a return to the romantic love song genre that made him a household name.

Though “Leavin’” from that album was arguably his hottest hit, reaching number one on the charts in 2008, returning to a sound like “Beautiful Soul” may not necessarily be a bad thing. What do you think? You can listen to the song below.


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